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 Facilities Services

Facilities Services assists local school systems in developing long-range capital improvement plans, acquiring the funds needed to implement their plans, and reviewing their architect's plans to construct adequate and safe school facilities.

Facilities Services employs regional specialists throughout the state and utilizes a strong support staff in the Atlanta office to provide consultative and support services in the following areas:

Plan Development

Georgia law (20-2-260) requires all school systems to develop and maintain a long range comprehensive facilities plan that is updated every five years to be eligible to participate in Georgia’s Capital Outlay Program. Area consultants and State staff work directly with each school system to provide technical assistance in developing comprehensive plans.


At the beginning of each fiscal year eligible school systems may make applications for state funding for projects in their current facilities plan. Facilities staff assist school systems in determining eligibility and in the development of the application. When eligible projects are approved by the Legislature and construction design begins the Grants Management staff of the Facilities Services assists the system to establish a schedule for reimbursement of funds.

Architectural Review

Architectural drawings for all school projects (new school construction, additions, renovation, and modification) must be submitted to the State Facilities Section for review for compliance with State Board of Education space and construction standards. The State architectural staff is also available to assist local systems in:

  1. Coordinating the review of construction drawings and specifications for school projects.
  2. Consultation services during the bid and contract process.
  3. Technical help throughout the construction phase of each project.​
  4. ​​​​