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 Georgia Milestones Writer's Checklists

​There are two sets of checklists available to students when completing the Georgia Milestones English Language Arts assessment, one for narrative writing and one for reading and evidence based writing. Students demonstrate reading and evidence based writing either by composing an informational/explanatory text or an opinion/argumentative text. The checklists act as a quick guide for students to monitor their individual writing effort and to allow students to verify that specific essential aspects of the writing have been clearly addressed. Teachers can use the checklists for student work completed in class or by course, and the checklists can be used by students in their everyday writing, if teachers so choose. Keep in mind that each checklist is meant to be a broad overview of student expectations and not a comprehensive list—but they do include guidance for scoring based on the rubrics. Checklists may be consulted by the student in advance of writing (as a reminder of things to keep in mind while responding to the prompt) and after writing (to verify that essential aspects of the writing have been clearly addressed).