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 High School Counselor Resources

​​​​​​​​Safe and Drug Free Schools

Below you'll find additional links for educators about school climate, bullying prevention, and child abuse prevention resources.

Second Step Statement of Need Resources

The Office of Prevention and Family Support, at the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services, is releasing a Second Step Statement of Need (SoN) for the upcoming school year. Please download the Statement of Need (SoN) documents below to view the SoN and attachments. This SoN is for any public or private school in Georgia, Pre-K through 8th grade. This year we have added a Child Protection Unit requirement for grades Pre-K through 5th. We have made it clear in our SoN that Second Step complements PBIS and is not a replacement.

Career Development for High School Students

Career Development is a lifelong process that begins in childhood. To help students become College and Career Ready, school counselors give students opportunities to explore their interests and their aptitudes for high demand, high need, and high paying jobs available in their communities and beyond.

Annually, students need to evaluate current interests and aptitudes, work values and be able to understand themselves more clearly.

School counselors are uniquely qualified to help parents and students understand what schools are doing to help better prepare their children for a career after high school graduation. This parental support is essential so that they can assist their child through discussions about careers and choosing paths for their future.

Useful Links for Students

Useful Links for School Counselors

Postsecondary ​Information for Students and School Counselors to Review

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