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1. Download the "Parent Consent Form" in the Educators section.
​2. Fill-out and have parent sign form
3. Have form notarized (Ensure that Notary Seal is visible)
4. Upload form to Submit Registration Consents in the Patron login section. 

​Students registered with the GIMC who do not have parent consent to release information are not eligible for new purchases from APH or downloads from accessible text providers (e.g., Bookshare).

If the requested materials are in stock then those materials will still be provided to students from the GIMC. Otherwise, local districts are responsible to provide necessary materials to provide students FAPE from district funds.
​A pencil can be used to darken the Notary Seal to make it visible.
In our endeavor to provide FAPE and accessible materials, district procedure should be followed in obtaining inkprint books from the school. In order for the GIMC to produce the books that are needed by the student, an inkprint copy must be provided.  These copies will be destroyed in the conversion process.
​An assistive technology evaluation is a snapshot of how a student performs on a variety of devices.  An Assistive technology consideration is a longitudinal trial with devices and with data collection.
One copy of each can be ordered.
Choose the  “Request account or update existing accounts​” link which can be found within the Educators' Information and Account Login section.
​Only legally blind (visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the better eye with correction, or the visual field is no greater than 20 degrees) can order new materials from using quota funds. All students with IEPs can purchase new books. Other funding sources are provided for textbooks.
If the GIMC access number (barcode) contains 04 it is considered a piece of equipment: xxxxxx-04-xxxx

If the GIMC access number (barcode) contains 14 it is considered a supply: xxxxxx-14-xxxx

All items that come into contact with body fluids should be thrown away and not sent back to the GIMC. 
Please contact the GIMC if you throw away a piece of equipment.
No, if a device has rechargeable batteries, you will need to complete a repair request.
The timeframe varies depending upon the complexity of the book and the type of media requested (braille, large print, or pdf-with speech). For example, a physics book can take 2 years to complete.
​Yes, for large print books if the book is marked consumable by the GIMC or the curriculum requires the student to do so. It is the Patron's responsibility to inform the GIMC that the book has been consumed.
​Manuals can be found at