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The Georgia Department of Education is launching a pilot for a new teacher evaluation system that emphasizes professional growth and elevates the teaching profession. The Georgia Leader​ and Educator Acceleration and Development System (GaLEADS) allows teachers to improve their craft, share strengths, and be recognized for their contributions to the profession. The pilot will feature a comprehensive system that includes targeted feedback, shared ownership for professional growth, and clear pathways for career advancement.​​

GaLEADS will:

  • ​Provide Georgia's teachers resources to succeed in the profession at every stage in their career
  • Support teachers through customized, differentiated, targeted professional development 
  • Include assessments expanded that reflect student growth and achievement, whole school accomplishments, and student development ​​

GaDOE selects GaLEADS pilot districts​


Resources ​​

                Teacher Burnout Report                  GaLEADS Adv​isory Co​mmittee                    GaLEADS Announcement​​​​​