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Teacher Tax Credit

During th​e 2021 legislative session, the Georgia General Assembly passed House Bill 32 to establish an income tax credit for teachers​ who agree to teach in high-need subject areas in certain rural schools and/or low-performing schools​​. Teachers who are recently hired to teach in a high-need subject area at a Participating School ​and selected to participate in the Teacher Tax Credit Program will receive a $3,000 tax credit for five consecutive school years. Selected applicants are​ able to deduct $3,000 per year from the amount of state income tax they owe for each of the five years they remain eligible for participation in the program. A recently hired teacher, whether new or experienced, is defined as one who accepted his or her first school year contract to teach at a Participating School for the current school year or for the immediately upcoming school year.

​Participating Schools Resources

Participating Schools List Update​
The Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) published a list of all Qualifying Schools in the state. Qualifying Schools include schools that are located in a rural territory and have performed in the lowest five (5) percent in the state. In alignment with HB 32 requirements and intent, GaDOE selected a list of Participating Schools not to exceed 100 from the Qualifying Schools List based on criteria that prioritized highest need subject areas, rural designation, and student achievement on state assessments. Details outlining these criteria are included in the resource section of this page.​

The application for tax year 2023 has officially closed. Look for information for tax year 2024 soon. If you have questions about the Teacher Tax Credit program, please contact Michael Kobito at


​Contact Information

Michael Kobito 
Teacher Recruitment and Retention Specialist
Georgia Department of Education​​
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