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 Health Science

​​​​​​​​​​​Career Cluster Pathways

Therapeutic Services:


Health Informatics:

Biotechnology Research and Development:

Support Services:

Middle School Healthcare Science courses

Program Resources

Equipment and Supplies Lists

Contact Program Specialist for a file of the following supply/equipment list.

  • Healthcare Classroom Consumable Supply list
  • Healthcare Applications course Equipment list
  • Emergency Preparedness Equipment list
  • Emergency Medical Services Equipment list
  • General Medicine Consumable Supply list
  • General Medicine Equipment list
  • Health Informatics Equipment list
  • Healthcare Classroom - Facility Equipment list
  • Introduction to Healthcare Equipment list
  • Medical Terminology Equipment list
  • Nursing Essentials Consumable Supply list
  • Nursing Essentials Equipment list​​​​

Career Planning

Healthcare Science Education - Providing a pipeline for the healthcare workers of the future

Healthcare Science Technology Education programs are designed to provide students the opportunity to explore careers in healthcare. This course of study will provide students with a smooth transition into post-secondary nursing, medical or allied health education or the ability to acquire an entry level medical position in the workforce or the military. Students are exposed to general healthcare knowledge and skills and are then encouraged to pursue a more in-depth study in the career area they are interested in through the appropriate career pathway. The pathways that are currently available in the healthcare program of study include: Therapeutic Services - Nursing, Therapeutic Medical Services, and Emergency Services along with Health Informatics, Diagnostics, Biotechnology, and Physical Medicine.

In the program, a strong emphasis is placed on academic integration into the curriculum as well as the necessary foundation skills such as problem solving, teamwork, and critical thinking which are necessary to enter the workforce. A middle school curriculum offered introduces careers in healthcare at an earlier age.

Georgia HOSA​ is offered through the healthcare programs and is a co-curricular component that compliments the classroom experience along with Work-based learning opportunities. Employment in the healthcare industry will provide students with a financially stable and rewarding career of service to others. Having a chance to begin this quest while still in middle or high school is a wonderful way for student to prepare for their future.